AnitaLB / Pixabay

Working Group on Risk to Agriculture

Rooted in the realisation that this problem requires an inter-disciplinary approach, the Working Group on Volcanic Risk to Agriculture will gather scientists and agriculture stakeholders in order to (i) critically assess and review our current knowledge concerning farming system vulnerability following eruptions; (ii) identify the knowledge gaps and hierarchize future research priorities; (iii) propose a platform for sharing and disseminating information on tephra hazards and impacts on farming systems. The group will be hosted by the IAVCEI Commission on Volcanic Hazards and Risk and will propose workshops, both within and outside volcanology conference, that will initiate an inter-disciplinary and international network of experts and stakeholders dedicated to better describing the vulnerability of agricultural activities to tephra hazard and, in turn, support the development of risk-deduction policies. We invite everyone interested in this topic to join the Working Group on Volcanic Risk to Agriculture.